Carl Hart
Bass, Vocals

Terry Overton

Ace Styron
Guitar, Vocals

Jeff Brissette

Thrash Jazz, a seasoned band of 9 years, performs predominately around the Tampa Bay Area. Carl Hart (Bass) and Terry Overton (Vocals) have created the foundation of Thrash Jazz over the past seven years, but with the joining of Jeff Brissette (Drummer) in June of 2009 and Ace Styron (Rythem Guitar) in January 2009, it has solidified Thrash Jazz's sound and their brotherhood again. Their sound compiles an Alternative Rock back-bone with touches of Funk, R&B, and Jazz rhythms.

Thrash Jazz raises the brow and catches the ear of the Tampa area live music scene. They strive for you to not only hear but experience their music. There is no "typical" Thrash Jazz fan. Depending on the venue, you will find the fans ranging from 4 to 91yrs old and many peers within the local band scene. Their unique sound draws you to the stage to experience the show; as well as overwhelms your senses with their tightly woven tunage.

The band's leader, Carl Hart, strives to balance music complexity that challenges the listener's hunger for quality, yet keeps it 'clean' enough to retain the CD sound in a live environment. Thrash Jazz has studio produced three CD's. Their first, Just a Waste, was created in (2000) with 10 tracks that hooked a cult of Thrash Jazz fanatics and turned the heads of many in the local entertainment venue.

Thrash Jazz's second CD, Dragged Down, was created in late (2003) and brought 14 new songs out of their vault. Again, fans eagerly embraced the music. The band, not slowed by the marketing of their current music, continued writing 10 new songs for their third release More Than Meets The Eye (2007). This featured yet another dimension of this multi-talented group, as it incorporates impetuous, daring clips of different genres and styles.

With the adding of two new members, the group has set their goals to release their fourth cd some time this year (2009) as they come to embark on 9 years of making music. Thrash Jazz, now in the National scene, have opened for such acts as Seventh Calling, Pat Travers Band and The Smithereen's.

We invite you to join them at their next local and national venue. For tour dates, biographies, photos, videos and more details on the band, please visit and